formal complaint

The following online form is to assist RVRANZ members in making a formal complaint to their village. It steps them through a simple process and then sends it off to the parties selected by the member. This eliminates the need for the resident to find the Statutory Supervisors and other agencies email addresses. RVRANZ will also store a copy of the complaint to assist with legislative change. No personal details will be shared with any parties, other than those specified by the member.

Filing a Formal Complaint.

Responses to this complaint will be sent to this email, otherwise to your physical address (if no email).

Describe the issue - What has happened ?.
Describe the impact - How it has affected you ?.
Who would you like to send the complaint to? (Please select one or more)

Your complaint will be sent to the above people, a copy to you and a copy stored with the RVRANZ. We will also include with your copy a list of the next steps that the operator must take.

In accordance with your rights, we recommend that a copy of your complaint also be sent to the agencies listed below. You may choose to unselect one or more of these agencies, however this may reduce the effectiveness of your complaint;

Please feel free to use this form to contact us through the
 RVRANZ website