Retirement Villages Legislation

There are two main components to the legislation relating to retirement villages – the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008.

The Act came into force on 1 February 2004. To quote from Clause 3 of that document, its purpose “is…

  • (a) to protect the interests of residents’ and intending residents’ of retirement villages:
  • (b) to enable the development of retirement villages under a legal framework readily understandable by residents’, intending residents”, and operators:”

In Clause

3 (c) it sets out further detail relating to the sections (a) and (b), with reference to:

  • promoting understanding by residents’
  • providing a regulatory and monitoring regime, and general oversight of entry to and operation of villages
  • security and protection of the rights of residents

It also refers to the administrative power being assigned to the Registrar of Retirement Villages and the Retirement Commissioner.

In addition the Retirement Villages Act sets out the obligations of operators of retirement villages, and/or their appointed deputy, to meet the requirements set out in the Act.

The role of RVRANZ in monitoring legislation
is to maintain a watching brief on the Retirement
Villages Act 2003:

  • the level of compliance by village management
  • actions of retirement village owners and possible contravention of the Act
  • possible necessity for change of the Act
  • acting as a consultative body with regard to any changes in the Act

RVRANZ draws on the expertise and experience of its
members to report on breaches of the Act. We may raise
issues with the organisations responsible for such

Village operators

must comply with the Act and the associated Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008.

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